Space Exploration

We are very glad to introduce our new program including visit to the Center of Astronavts training in Zvezdnyi Gorodok. Full day excursion includes visit to full size orbital station MIR transportation craft SOYUZ TM visiting hydrolaboratory there the astronavts are training to work out of station in the open space visiting centrifugue BC 18 (18 m long the biggest in the world) navigation training complex. We are able to add this excursion to any basic program presented at our catalogue.

The cost of this excursion is:

366 EURO p.p. for group of 2 pers.
266 EURO p.p. for groups 37 pers.
105 EURO p.p. for groups 815 pers.
67 EURO p.p for groups 1625 pers.
including transportation and guide services.

Also available:

  • training program from 2 days to full preparation to space flight
  • visiting "Baykonur" and "Plesetsk" to see the start of space craft.


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