Historically-demonstrative Hall of
Federal Service of Security of Russia

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The four halls of the museum contain more than two thousand exhibits. The exposition begins with the display of documents connected with the beginning of the intelligence and counter intelligence activities in the Russian State. The following serves a good example: in 1380 thanks to Boyarin Zachary Tyutchev, who was the head of the embassy of the great Moscow Prince Dmitry in golden Horde, the Mamai hordes were smashed. Tyutchev misinformed Mamai about the Russian forces, and also obtained valuable information of the place and time Mamai was to meet Lithuanian Prince Oleg, who were supposed to make arrangements for uniting their troops.

There are a number of documents going back to the time of Peter I, Catherine II, also documents referring to the 1812 and 1914 wars. There are papers, telling about the victories and mistakes of Russian special services in their fight with espionage, terrorism and also the work, connected with political parties on the eve of the 1917 Revolution.

Council legal document of 1649

The expozition devoted to the history of Soviet State security bodies in 1917-1957

A great number of documents devoted to the creation and development of Soviet Services are widely represented in the museum. A number of stands show the events, connected with mass repressions, violation of justice, which took place in the 30s and 40s and the beginning of the 50s, also scmpulous work in the rehabilitation of victims of groundless repressions, restoration ofjustice people, who spoke against lawlessness and tyranny. A separate hall is dedicated to the activities of the Security organs employees during the Great Patriotic war. In the fight against the military espionage services of fascist Germany the Soviet Intelligence gained the upper hand. The enemy was defeated. Intelligence and other special Services of Hitler's armies ceased to exist. The overwhelming majority of the official workers, agents and accomplices were searched out and underwent punishment they deserved.

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