2.2.1. BACK STAGE restaurant


BACK STAGE is the really unique restaurant cause it`s the only one truly theater restaurant in Russia. The furniture and decorations of the restaurant were taken from the Mariinskiy theatre during the last Theatre renovation so the restaurant guests fell the unique atmosphere of the Old Mariinskiy theatre.

Being the part of the theatre life of St.Petersburg, restaurant restoring the traditions of classic Russian cuisine. The ideal place for pre- or post-theatre dinner.

The dinner cost – from 70 Euro p.p. including wine.


N.B. Our recommendation is to have the starter and a glass of champagne before the theatre performance and to continue with the main dish after the theatre visit.


2.2.2. The NOBLE NEST restaurant.


The restaurant follows the traditions of the noble St.Petersburg of the 19th century. Quit and cozy interiors, traditional Russian and French cuisine will return the guests to the Imperial St.Ptersburg.

There are Red and Blue dining halls and musical salon. The total capacity – up to 70 seats.

The dinner cost – from 90 Euro p.p. including wine.


Blue Hall





















Red hall



2.2.3. POLOVTSEV` MANSION restaurant

POVOVTSEV` MANSION restaurant located in the heart of St.Petersburg, close to St.Isaaq square, at one of the most beautiful buildings of St.Petersburg created Pel, Bosse, Brulov and Kuzmin. The houses of the famous Russian dukes  were equal in luxury to the European palaces. The restaurant offers excursion by the halls of the mansion. The waiters could be dressed with 18th century costumes on request.

The dinner cost – from 70 Euro p.p. including wine.


The White hall






The Nut hall



2.2.4. ACADEMIA restaurant.


The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, near Rostralnye Columns and palace bridge.

The thick walls of the restaurant are made of bricks, there are many books here  and the halls are decorated to follow the atmosphere of a library of an ancient university. This makes the special feeling of warmness and cozy quietness.

Dinner cost – from 70 Euro p.p. including wine.




2.2.5. RESTAURANT restaurant.


RESTAURANT is the traditional Russian cuisine restaurant decorated with the architectural traditions of the noble mansions of Petr 1 epoch. One of the just a few Russian restaurants without A-la-Rus kitsch in decoration. Professional design and top quality cuisine made this restaurant world known. COUNDEL NESTE TRAVELLER magazine mentioned RESTAURANT restaurant  in the Top 100 restaurants of the World.

Dinner cost – from 90 Euro p.p. including wine.




2.2.6. ADAMANT restaurant.


ADAMANT restaurant is located at Moika river embankment. The ideal combination of classic decoration and classic European and Russian cuisine. The big hall may seat up to 60 guests.

Dinner cost – from 65 Euro p.p. including wine.




2.2.7. PODVORYE restaurant.


PODVORYE restaurant is located in the suburbs of St.Petersburg, very close to Pushkin and Pavlovsk so the ideal place to have a meal after the excursions to Pushkin and Pavlovsk.

Opened in 1993, the Podvorye ("Coach House") restaurant has since become known as “Russia´s most authentic Russian restaurant". In addition to having its own regular clientele, it has established a reputation in Saint Petersburg and far beyond.
Restaurants at travel destinations worldwide may as a rule be divided into those patronized by tourists and those favored by connoisseurs of fine cooking. Podvorye is remarkable for being equally esteemed by travelers as well as local residents. Intellectuals and aristocrats from various countries, actors, sports figures, politicians – and all those who appreciate the art of good eating and love genuine Russian cuisine– thoroughly enjoy their visits to Podvorye.

Dinner cost – from 55 Euro p.p. including wine.



Besides the Top city restaurants Moscow Bureau of Voyage offers to organize the Gala Dinner at one of the palaces in the city or at the city suburbs. The best catering ideas, live classic music and the spirit of Imperial St.Petersburg will make this event unforgettable.


2.3.1. Palaces in St.Petersburg city center. Duke Vladimir Palace.

Dvortsovaya enb, 26

Rental cost for the dinner reception – from  4500 Euro Stroganoff palace, Rastrelli Hall.

Nevskiy prosp., 17

Rental cost for the dinner reception - from 3000 Euro

 Yusupov Palace, Mirror Hall

Moika river enb., 94

Rental cost for the dinner reception – from 4500 Euro



















 Beloselskikh-Belozerskikh Palace.

Nevskiy prosp., 41

Rental cost for dinner reception – from 4000 Euro





























2.3.2. Palaces in the suburbs of St.Petersburg. Petergof Grand Palace

Petergof is situated on the Southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, 29 km from St.Petersburg. The Palace originally was built under Peter the Great order to be a country side residence with beautiful gardens and parks with picturesque fountains and cascades.

Rental cost for dinner reception – from 8500 Euro























 Konstantinovskiy Palace in Strelnya.

The Palace and the park ensemble in Strelnya is one of the most famous architectural monuments in the vicinity of St.Petersburg. Founded by Peter the Great as the main seaside residence, its mission was to be the diplomatic window to the West.

Rental cost for dinner reception – from 7000 Euro

 Pavlovsk Palace.

Pavlovsk located 26 km South from St.Petersburg, very close to Pushkin. The Palace was built under the order of Imperator Pavel, husband of Ekaterina the Great as the summer residence.

Rental cost for dinner reception – from 6500 Euro


Rose Pavilion