2.6.1. Petergof from the birds view.

We are glad to offer the clients the breathtaking possibility to familiarize the magnificent parks

of Petergof flying the air balloons. After the excursion to the Grand Palace and central fountains cascade the clients will be invited to board the balloons to explore the parks from the birds view attitude. Each balloon can take 3 clients aboard. The cost of 30 min flight 920 Euro per balloon.














2.6.2. Private cruise to Kronshtadt forts.


The group will be picked up from the hotel and driven to the pier near Tuchkov bridge. The group will board VIP motor ship LYUDMILA or MOSKVA (capacity up to 90 guests at the main deck salon plus 45 guests on the upper sun deck). The boat will depart to Kronshtadt and surrounding forts (through Neva river and by Finnish Gulf, approximately 3 hours cruising).

There will be the excursion to the forts and Kronshtadt town (duration is approximately 2 hours).

On the way back to St.Petersburg the group will have lunch aboard.

The cost of the boat chartering 2800 Euro, lunch arrangements from 45 Euro p.p.


























It is also recommended to order the lesson of Russian folk dancing and singing which will be held on the way back to St.Petersburg after lunch. Folk ensemble accompanying the cruise - 1500 Euro.




2.6.3. Backstage visit.

Moscow Bureau of Voyage provides the unique opportunity for backstage visit at the world famous Mariinskiy (ex-Kirov) Theatre.

The group will be invited to backstage - the heart of the World famous Mariinskiy Theatre. The clients will see from inside how the dancers are preparing there magic ballets and after the excursion (about 30 min) will have the briefing with the dancers. After the excursion the guests will be invited to have the aperitif at BACK STAGE restaurant of Maestro Gergiev and than will be invited to enjoy the ballet at Mariinskiy theatre. The day will be finished with dinner at BACK STAGE restaurant.

The cost of the program including theatre tickets, aperitif and dinner at BACK STAGE restaurant 320 Euro p.p.








2.6.4. Private Hermitage tour.

The group will be invited to visit Hermitage in the morning, before the official museum opening. Duration of the tour is 1,5 hours. So the clients will have the possibility to be tête-à-tête with this magnificent palace it will be open for them only.

The cost of this private Hermitage tour is 65 Euro p.p.