Here we represent the best ideas for the incentive tours realized for our clients so hopefully these ideas will help you to plan your Event.


1.5.1. Military JET Fighter flight.


During Moscow stay the group will have casino night with the winning lottery. The main prize (s) in the lottery – Military Jet Fighter L-39 30 min flight for the aerobatics.

On the scheduled day the group will be picked up from the hotel and transferred to the military air base located near Vyatka, Smolensk region (about 230 km from Moscow).

Upon arrival the group will have the briefing with air base instructor about the general L-39 technical data and flight conditions introduction (flight speed and attitude, figures to be done, helmet and anti-G flying costume usage rules etc.). After the briefing the lottery winner (s) will have the medical check and Emergency Ejection System usage training (sure the safety of the flight is 100% guaranteed. Our instructors are the most experienced pilots, the winners of the international competitions for aerobatics, and have thousands of flying hours while training the military pilots). After the training the winner (s) are taking the anti-G flying costume on and boarding the Jets to fly as the second pilot (the clients will have the possibility to drive the Jet Fighter themselves for a few minutes under the supervision of the Instructor pilot). The final flight conditions will be set with the Instructor pilot and the Jet Fighter will take off (we are able to provide up to 5 Jet Fighters to be flying at the same time so please consider 30 min flight + 1 hour for refueling and next flight preparation in case there will be more than 5 flying participants while making the time planning). After landing the group will be invited to have lunch with the Instructor pilots.

After lunch – departure back to Moscow.

The cost of 30 min flight – 1450 Euro p.p. including guide services.

The cost of transportation depends on the vehicle chosen – 450 Euro for a minivan (up to 17 seats), 550 Euro for deluxe coach, from 700 Euro per vehicle for the limousines.

Catering cost for lunch arrangements – from 40 Euro p.p.





1.5.2. Chorus concert.


The group will be transferred to the pier in front of Gorkiy Park and will board the chartered boat to take the cruise to Kolomenskoye museum-preserve. The guide will provide en-route information about the sites and attraction the boat will pass by.

Upon arrival to Kolomenskoye the group will be met at the pier by hostesses in Russian folk costumes with bread and slat according to the Russian greeting tradition and will be invited for the tour around Kolomenskoye museum. The tour will be ended at the Church of Ascension.




The Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye is one of the most significant architectural monuments of the XVI century, that has remained intact on the territory of the Moscow tsar’s summer residence Kolomenskoye. The church was built in 1532. According to the legend it was erected in honour of Basil III’s heir Ivan the Terrible. Probably it was built by an Italian architect Petrok Maly, the one who built the walls of Kitai-town in Moscow. The Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye is one of the first stone hipped cathedrals in Russia. Its appearance marked new fresh gains the Russian architecture made. The Byzantine cross-vaulting architecture was completely rejected, and the new image of the Church of the Ascension was formed on the basis of harmonious combination of construction engineering of Russian principalities and achievements of West-European craftsmen. 

There is the outstanding acoustic effect in the Church and the group will enjoy the private chorus concert – the classic and orthodox songs will be performed. These will be breathtaking minutes of the Magic of sound.

The concert will be followed with lunch served on the open air, with the magnificent views of Kolomenskoye estate.



Boat chartering cost – from 900 Euro

Chorus concert – from 1700 Euro (it is possible to arrange violence quartet concert instead of the chorus concert, from 900 Euro)

Catering for lunch arrangements – from 70 Euro p.p.




“Primavera” quartet

 “Anima” chorus



1.5.3. Spy Game.


This team building program was created more than 10 years ago and became very popular since that time. The group will be divided into 2 teams and the team which will collect the “spy data” and will deliver it to the “resident” first – will win the competition.

The group will have the introduction in to the recent time history, related to the “spy wars” between Soviet and American spies during Cold War period. After that each team will receive the envelop with the route description – how to find the “spy object” they will have the task for, description of their task (the tasks could be to calculate the number of the trees behind Mausoleum or to calculate the number of the floors at the building of the State Duma (Russian Parliament) or similar) and how to meet and recognize the contact person (password and reply) who will pass the new envelop with the description of the new route - how to find the “resident” and to pass him the collected data. The teams will be searching the routes on their own but each team will be supervised by the assistants who will make sure nobody of the group members will be lost .












The routes will lead the teams to Izmailovo (North-West of Moscow), to Stalin` Bunker. The group will be met by their guide (who is the “resident”) and after the second team arrival the group will be invited to enter the Bunker for the excursion followed with celebration lunch at the Bunker.

Spy game – 600 Euro for the group up to 30 pax and 700 Euro for the group 31-60 pax, excursion to Stalin` Bunker – 35 Euro p.p., lunch at Bunker (Georgian cuisine lunch cause Iossif Stalin was Georgian) – from 60 Euro p.p.


Meeting room at Bunker










                                                                                          Iossif Stalin





1.5.3. Russian folk games at Izmailovo Kremlin.

Our interactive program RUSSIAN FOLK GAMES is the unique opportunity to feel Russian spirit. The program is devoted to traditional Russian folk games and entertainment.

The group will be met and greeted at Izmailovo Kremlin (Wooden Kremlin in Izmailovo was built as the copy of the Tsar Peter palace at Izmailovo which used to be called as the 8th world wonder) by Tsar and Tsaritsa and welcomed with bread and salt, Russian vodka and pancakes with caviar. The program will be started with the visit to the handicraft master class gallery (pottery, porcelain manufacture, matreshka dolls and wooden spoons painting, Tula gun maker, black smith). The clients will be trained in the selected craft and will paint their own matreshka doll afterwards to have the most memorable souvenir.

After matreshka dolls painting the clients will be offered to dress into the Russian folk costumes, divided into 2 teams and the games will be started:
- the snowball fight game (rag snowballs will be provided)
- sawing of logs (double-handled saws are given to the guests. The task is to saw the log as quick as possible)
- Rope pull
- Khoduli walking
The group will be offered with Russian vodka, pancake with caviar and salted cucumber at the end of the program - so called "Na pososhok".

The cost of the program including transportation to/from Izmailovo Kremlin and guide services - 80 EURO p.p.

The program could be followed by Russian traditional cuisine lunch at Russia wooden restaurant. The cost of lunch is from 40 Euro p.p.


                                                                                                  Russian wooden restaurant