Minsk — the capital of independent Belarus— is located on the Svisloch River. The name of the city comes from a Russian verb “menyat” (to exchange) and reminds of the significance of Minsk as a trade center.

Minsk is one of the oldest cities on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The first written reference to it was made in 1076. At that time the city belonged to prince Vsevolod of Polotsk and was located on the ancient watershed connecting the Black and the Baltic Seas.


In 1874, a railway road was built along that waterway and Minsk started to grow rapidly and soon became a major trade centre in the country’s West.


In 1919, Minsk became the capital of the Byelorussian Republic. During World War II, it was completely destroyed. But soon after the war Minsk was rebuilt and it is as big as before the Nazi invasion.



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