Kiev — the capital of independent Ukraine — is located on the Dniper River, one of the largest in Europe. Kiev used to be called the Mother of Rissian cities. The Slavic state called Kievan Rus originated here.

During 15 centuries of its existence (the city was mentioned for the first time in a chronicle in the 6th century), Kiev was involved in many historie events. Numerous monuments, the names of city streets and squares remind of them.


Today Kiev is a city of wonderful architectural ensembles, new avenues and cathedrals. It is especially attractive for the majestic Dnieper, it’s picturesque high banks, a lot of gardens and parks cover more than half of its area. One can get the most beautiful view of the city from the highest point — St. Vladimir Hill. Kiev’s landmarks are famous all over the world, among them is Kiev-Pechersk Lavra of the 11—12th centuries — the Christian monastery of Kievan Rus, St. Sophia Cathedral with its unique collection of frescoes and mosaics, St. Andrew Church — the creation of great Rastrelli.



Destination Car (1-3) Minibus KIA (24) Coach TAM 130 (30) Coach TAM 260 (42) Coach Ikarus (42)
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